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About US

Yoga Treatment is an initiative to promote wellness through Yoga. 

We offer therapies for various chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Obesity, Stress, Thyroid, Arthritis, Gastritis, Cancer, Asthma, Back Pain, Menstrual Disorders etc. 

Our Therapies comprises of a combination of Yoga Asanas, Mudras, Pranayama and Diet control and can be easily followed by anyone of any age. While we recommend Personal Consultation for those residing in Bangalore, we also provide consultation over video call or phone based on your convenience. 

Our main objective is to reduce, prevent the pain and suffering of people with chronic diseases by promoting the full potential and power of yogic science and eliminate the ill-effects of medicines.

Dr. Latha (Chief Consultant)

Dr. Latha has Doctorate Degree in Alternative Medicines (BAMS), MSc (Yoga), PG Diploma (Yoga), BNat (Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences), Certificates of Therapeutic Yoga, Reiki (II), Pranic Healing, Mudra Therapy, Transcendental Meditation, and Acupressure Therapy.

Dr. Latha has been awarded Aryabhatta International Award, Yoganidhi, Yogarathna, Yogapraveene, Yogabhushana and Mudra Praveene for her magnanimous contribution to the field of Yoga. She has consecutively won gold medals in five international, five national and eighteen state level yoga competitions. She has been honored for her achievements in the field of yoga by renowned personalities like Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji, Dr BM Hegde, Bannanje Govindacharya and others.

She has presented her life to the society as an example of excellent benefits one can derive from the regular practice of yoga. For over a decade she has successfully treated thoursands of very difficult health problems through Yoga, Mudra, Acupressure and Pranayama and proved beyond doubt that there are convincing answers in Yoga for such chronic health issues. Many of her programs related to Yoga Therapy have been telecast in TV channels such as Chandana, Kasthuri TV, Ayush TV, Shankara TV, Praja TV etc. In addition to this she has published very popular books by name "Yoga Sanjeevini" and "Mudra Sanjeevini". Thousands of copies of these books have been sold by Sapna Book House.

BAsis of yogic cure

Source of human creation is within. Yoga is a system of finding access to that source within us which is the basis of creating our body. Infections created from external forces needs medication but chronic ailments which account for more than 70% of diseases today is generated by body itself due to imbalance. Yoga helps in creating the necessary balance and intensity in our energy body and pranic body leading to perfect health free of all ailments. 

Words of the Master Healer and Mentor (Dr. BM Hegde)

Great Rishi Patanjali had extensive knowledge of modern medicine and quantum physics as his asanaas wers so constructed that all the thousands of muscles in the body, both  gravity and anti gravity muscles, are so beautifully balanced in each aasana. He also knew that human body and human mind are the two faces of the same coin. If one has control over his mind, he has control over his body as well. 

Since the energy form of the body (consciousness) changes into the matter part of it nearly 1024 times in a second, if one has power he can always direct the energy form to correct any defects (diseases) in the matter form to go back to its original form. This is done when one masters yoga sidhis.  

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